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Dr Junko Ito was born and grew up in Hachinohe city, Aomori Pref. She graduated from the National University of Tohoku, School of Dentistry.  After graduation, she worked for Aomori Prefectural Central Hospital practicing in general dentistry and general anesthesia. She also practiced oral surgery. She changed her career working for general dental clinics in Tokyo devoting herself to aesthetic dentistry such as whitening and anti-aging as well as general dentistry. She practiced orthodontics in cooperation with Invisalign Clinical Speaker. Dr. Junko migrated to Singapore in 2012 and has been providing dental care for Japanese patients in Singapore.

Dr Junko strives to provide painless dental treatment and to convert fearful dental patients to happy patients. Her basic treatment policy is to encourage patients to retain their dentition without extraction and/or with less invasive treatment as far as possible. Treatment of decayed teeth in its early stage saves cost and time. Delayed treatment ultimately causes painful situation. Periodic maintenance of your teeth leaves you with the best smile.